Fouraging & wild herbs


Fouraging & wild herbs

Fouraging & wild herbs

East is only 150 meters from the Wad. A salty vegetable garden full of delicious salty vegetables and herbs. Discover and taste sea kale, sea bream, sea fennel, samphire, sea lavender and different types of seaweed. In and around East you will also find the most fantastic wild herbs and plants full of delicious flavors and vitamins. Scour all the dunes and roadsides. And discover a whole new edible world with, for example, yarrow, chamomile, nettle, angelica root, field sorrel and mallow.

We are happy to tell you more about our own picking routes. Do you want to discover it yourself? Then take the Wilpluk book of the Buitenkeuken from the restaurant.

On a adventure

Discover our island, skip the beaten track and live like a local. We are happy to take you on our adventure. Discover Op Oost. A place where salt and sweet touch each other, peace and quality predominate and nature has 'the highest word'. We are happy to provide you with our tips on what we do when we are free.

Discover 'op Oost'

We are happy to tell you more about:

  • Did you know that you can pick up oysters yourself 100m away? The chef will be happy to explain how you can open them with the 'op Oost Oestermes'.
  • The finest drink & food combinations
  • The nature reserves and the walking & cycling routes
  • The best bird watching spots
  • Where wild herbs and medicinal plants grow
  • What there is really to do on Texel
  • Wherever we go to eat, drink and enjoy every moment

Be amazed at ... 'op Oost'.