Oyster picking


Oyster picking

Salty Adventure

In the 18th century, the Oude Oesterhaven on Oost was the beating heart of the oyster and seaweed trade on Texel. Even now the Wad offers us an abundance of salty delights: from oysters to periwinkles and seaweed. A place where you can still taste the island in all its purity.

Pick your own oysters
First check if the tide is low // click here

You can pick up comfortable shoes, opposite the Mill nearby on East.
Feel free to bring a bucket from us
Only pick up whatever you want to eat, always with respect for nature.
Note: that the oyster is closed, medium size (approx. 7 cm) and does not sound hollow


Would you rather go with someone?
Book a salty adventure under the guidance of our oyster man and learn everything about the oyster, the history, how to collect and open oysters. Of course he opens a number of oysters while enjoying a glass of Vuurzee, Cuvée Prestige, Vonkelbier.

Costs € 35 p.p. | Duration 1 hour | Period: when it is light, low water and dry :)

Book in time and inquire at the reception.