Inroom dining

From Thursday until Sunday it is possible to book our 'in room dining' menu. On Friday & Saturday we also offer our Fruit de Mer as a special.

During Eastern, Ascension day & Pentecost we also offer our Fruit de Mer as lunch option. 

Next to that we offer our 6 course surprise menu; all local products and seasonbound, just like we always do. 

Kingfish | Seaweed | Oyster leaf | Rettich | Granny Smith

Kohlrabi | Sheep cheese | Caviar | Common Sorrel

Oyster Rockefeller style

Langoustine | Fermented Carrot | Bisque | Winter Purslane | Wild Garlic

Poultry Rouleau | Jerusalam Artichoke | Morels | Sesame


Lady Blue | White Choclate | Fermented Sea Buckthorn | Poppyseed


We kindly ask you to order your inroom dining before the thursday of your arrival. 

Wine? Yes! Check out our entire assortment and find some additional wines below ...

Wine assortment | € 42 p.p.

Prices below are per bottle


Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz 'El Muelle', 2019 Luis Pérez

Fruitig | Aards | Citrus



Rueda, Verdejo 'Carrasviῆas' 2019, Felix Lorenzo Cachazo

Vol | Fruit | Fris



Aglianico del Vulture 'Grifalco' 2017 Grifalco

Mineraal | Bloesem | Specerijen



Rioja, Tempramillo Maceración Carbónica 2019 Artuke

Verfijnd | Rood Fruit | Sappig